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Don't Freak Out About The MRI or X-Ray Findings

So you've been told you've got some kind of disc problem, or joint degeneration or disk degeneration. My question to you is so what? What if I were to tell you that often times people get treatment purely based on radiographic or MRI data, and often times that data is not actually causing their pain. Would that make you think?

This is a fact.

Majority of people have some kind of spinal "problem." When these people are treated solely based off imaging findings, they often times get sub-par results. Why? The answer is because the clinicians who are trying to help might not be taking the right approach for you. Pain is multi-faceted. From the emotional aspect, to the mechanical aspect, to the inflammatory aspect, and more. All areas need to be addressed.

This is where the integrative model shines. And this is what we do. We address all aspects. This is why we get such awesome results and have such a high rate of clinical success.

The chart above shows the percentages of people with imaging findings that have zero symptoms. NONE. What is found on your imaging may not even be why you hurt. What have you been diagnosed with?

There was a study done recently that showed a patient who went to 10 different MRI facilities for a lumbar MRI, had 10 different radiologists read the images, and came back with 49 different findings. Some of the findings were flat out wrong. (This is not meant to bash or attack radiologists- they are some of the most intelligent people out there, in my opinion) Here is that study:

I keep my lumbar MRI in a placard in the office and show it to patients daily. I'm a train-wreck according to imaging and reports. When you take an integrative approach, even the train-wrecks often times get great results. I'm living proof.

Get in touch if YOU want to be treated, and not your picture.

Dr V

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