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Supplements May Not Contain What You Think...

This past February, the New York Times published an article targeting supplements and some retailers. The New York Attorney General targeted Walgreen's, GNC, Target, and Wal Mart and actually tested some of their supplements. They found that some of the supplements contained NONE of what they said they did!

This really irritates me, from a clinician's point of view, because so many patients come in to see me and they are taking some of these "supplements." These people (you?) are trying to do the right thing because they know it's important to have adequate vitamins (vital aminos) and minerals for optimal health, but are literally THROWING MONEY AWAY. This INFURIATES me because people are being DUPED daily by some of these companies, and often times nothing is changing for them except the color of their urine.

This is the reason why I carry and recommend only the purest and highest quality supplements. The only supplement I'd ever recommend from one of the stores listed above would be Vitamin D3, because D3 is pretty much D3.

That said, check out the article for yourself below. Get educated!!

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