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Success Stories from Patients

Years of chronic pain, surgery, injections, etc.                    Reversing Type II Diabetes through Functional Medicine  6 months of chronic low back pain with radicular pain

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Dr. V has helped me since 2010. I was coming off of a year filled with pain due to 2 herniated discs and was fresh out of surgery.

Dr. V has helped me since 2010.  I was coming off of a year filled with pain due to 2 herniated discs and was fresh out of surgery.  I linked up with my old college friend, Dr. V, who helped me get back to doing what I loved- being a functional athlete.  My surgeons told me I shouldn't lift weights or do anything too "stressful" on my back (IE basketball, flag football, long distance running).  Dr. V helped me throughout my rehabilitation by guiding me through the process I needed to take towards getting back to my old self.  In ONLY SIX MONTHS after my surgery I was in the best shape of my life and I stepped on the bodybuilding stage for the first time.  That season I qualified to compete on the national level, and in November, at my fourth show, became an IFBB Pro in the Men’s Physique Division.


Dr. V was responsible for all of my nutritional and cardiovascular guidance.  I firmly believe that due to the diet changes I was able to stay off ALL drugs for pain. Today, I continue to compete as a men's physique competitor in the IFBB.  Dr. V has coached me EVERY step of the way and has been so much more than a nutrition coach.  He kept me focused throughout all of my preps for competitions with constant check-ins VIA telephone, text and email.  Any bump or bruise that occurred he talked me through it and EXPLAINED, in layman's terms, not only how to decrease the pain, but what it all meant (even skyping with me pulling up diagrams and images so I can understand the science) and even offering a few “differential diagnoses.”  


Dr. V is more than a coach or a doctor- he is an educator.  I say that with confidence as a NYC teacher.  He's not only helped me to transform my body through proper nutrition and exercise, but also taught me balance in life.  I credit all of my success in bodybuilding to Dr. V.  We began this journey with the goal of being a functional athlete and we have definitely surpassed that.  I can't thank Dr.V enough for his patience, intelligence and the care he has given me. THANK YOU DR. V!!!!


Vincent Fiore


NYC Teacher


My Journey with Dr. V

I have known Dr. V for about 8 years now.  I had let myself go and found myself tipping the scales at over 300lbs (I am 5'9).  I was diagnosed with depression and bi-polar, and was also put on numerous medications.  Depressed, overweight, and with an alcohol problem almost spiraling out of control we re-connected.  I dropped 80lbs over the course of 8 months with his guidance.  He helped me to understand that diets do not work, and what I really needed to do was make lifestyle changes.  Aside from the excess weight creating problems, I was also severely depressed.  I hated the medication I was on and Dr. V assisted me in making the necessary changes to help reduce my need for these drugss.  Currently I am no longer on any drugs, and my life has made a complete 180 since last year. Dr. V has a gift for reading people and understanding the best course of action to assist them in achieving their goals.  I can honestly say if it wasn't for Dr. V. I don't know where I would be today.  He helped me get my life back and as a result I've never been happier.  He has even taken the time to work with other members of my family regarding their own health concerns. 


I am working with Dr. V again to finish the second half of my transformation to an even healthier and happier me.  I would highly recommend Dr. V to anyone who needs the care of a compassionate, intelligent doctor who will listen and do what it takes to get you well.  Thank you for not only being a caring doctor and life coach, but for also being a great friend.



Albany, NY

As a college student I thought dealing with migraines was something that would haunt me forever. These monthly occurrences began occurring weekly and then almost daily.

As a college student I thought dealing with migraines was something that would haunt me forever.  These monthly occurrences began occurring weekly and then almost daily. Sometimes these migraines would be so excruciating everyday activities such as homework, class, work, noises, lights, and even walking my dog were unbearable.  No medicine or heat pack or ice pack could alleviate this horrible pain I was dealing with.  For years my family doctor insisted that she went through the same problems all through medical school.  She said that it was the stress from being a college student and working towards starting my life is what triggered my migraines and that there were different types of medicine I could take to help alleviate the pain.  I would take the migraine medicine and you could pretty much count me out for the day as the medicine caused me to go straight to bed.  Then the next day I felt like my all my energy had been sucked out of me.  Needless to say I thought migraines were in my life forever.  Until, I scheduled one simple appointment.  You could say Dr, V has become a lifesaver or even my own guardian angel.  I never thought I would be able to go days, weeks, even months without one of the agonizing migraines I was dealing with almost daily.


Dr. V has made it quite clear that the right Chiropractic treatment, and simple lifestyle changes,  were all that I needed to minimize these migraines.  Not only was he able to provide the proper treatment, but he also informed me of different exercises to strengthen different muscles not only in my back, but my neck as well to help alleviate stress on my muscles.  He also has a wide variety of information regarding nutritional needs and the right foods to focus on eating, that will help alleviate all the headaches and migraines I had been experiencing. 


Within just a few weeks I honestly felt a great difference. I had hardly any headaches and only one throbbing migraine. Within the last four months with the proper food and weekly visits I can honestly say with the assistance of Dr. V I have had very few migraines.  I went from the first few months of weekly visits to now a visit every few weeks.  Anytime I am in the care of Dr. V he is nothing but respectful, courteous, and he actually listens to his patients complaints and needs.  He will explain everything that accompanies your visit and will do his best to determine what your problem is and fix it or find ways to alleviate the problem. 


Without his chiropractic and nutritional care I cannot imagine what my migraines and headaches would be like.  Migraines have become a thing of the past for me and I cannot say I miss them.  Dr. V not only has treated and fixed my migraine problem, but has helped alleviate other aches in my back and knee.  He never has made me feel that the pain I am dealing with is nothing.  If anything he makes it a big deal so he can make it completely vanish.  I am forever in his debt as he has made my life a lot more comfortable and I now can experience life at its fullest with less aches and pains and no headaches.


Amber M.

Daytona, FL

My journey with Dr. V (long)

It all began in September of 2008 after a traumatic injury to my left shoulder and neck.  The pain was instant, constant, and getting worse with each passing day.  I was being held back from performing normal daily tasks.  Brushing, washing and drying my hair was extremely painful.  Getting dressed required a scientific formula to avoid excruciating pain.  Driving was becoming increasingly difficult and restful sleep was non-existent. 


My entire left arm felt so heavy and weak, and started to develop a tingly numb feeling.  I was constantly dropping things and found it impossible to function properly.  I first went to see an Orthopedic specialist who sent me for x-rays and wanted to load me up on pain medication and inject me with corticosteroids.  Wanting a second opinion I went to a second orthopedic specialist who set me up with an MRI.  After evaluating the results he decided that physical therapy was what I needed.  I took his advice and completed 8 weeks of physical therapy.  It did nothing but increase my pain and the numbness in my hand.  That’s when a friend urged me to see a Chiropractor.  I was new to Chiropractic when I made an appointment with Dr. V.  I was nervous and not sure exactly what would happen, but was willing to try anything to improve my quality of life.


From the moment Dr. V introduced himself I knew I was in the best possible hands.  He is the first doctor I have been to that took the time to stop and actually listen, quite intently, to what I have to say.  He explains in great detail what he has found and how we are going to fix it.  I will never forget my first Chiropractic Adjustment.  There was an immediate difference.  The numbness in my hand was gone, my headaches much less frequent. 


Dr. V is extremely skilled and knowledgeable in soft tissue injuries, as well.  After just one session of Active Release Technique my pain was cut almost in half and for the first time in 6 years I was able to move my arm and shoulder without excruciating pain.  After my fourth visit my shoulder had full range of motion, my pain nearly gone. 


While in physical therapy they would explain what they wanted me to do then leave me to figure it out on my own.  This was not the case with Dr. V.  He got down on the floor and joined me, staying the entire time, coaching me and making sure I had proper form.  Quality over quantity is his motto.  I have no doubt he will have me lifting again in the near future!


Dr. V is the most informative doctor I have ever been to.  He always takes as much time as needed to thoroughly answer any and all of my questions.  His positive attitude, calming presence, empathy, understanding and passion for what he does is inspiring and contagious.  I truly believe that I would not be where I am today if Dr. V were not a part of my journey.


Dr. V is an outstanding Chiropractic professional and I recommend him wholeheartedly to anyone looking to improve their health and quality of life.  Thank you for everything you have done for me.  I feel incredible!


(this patient later on suffered a low back injury that required neurosurgery and wrote this after surgery and rehab)


I know I sound like a broken record, but I just wanted to say thank you.  For everything.  From the top-notch care I receive while in your hands, to your patience when my nerves get the better of me and I start to tense up, but most of all for your genuine concern for my well-being.  You were so dedicated to making sure I got the care I needed, even when you could no longer help me.  You were always right there for me and that my friends means the world to me. 


I knew from the very beginning when I looked up and saw you starting at me that I was exactly where I was supposed to be, that everything was going to be OK.  I was meant to meet you and now it’s very clear to me as to why.  So thank you, Dr. V, for being my miracle.  You’re not just an amazing doctor, but an amazing person with such a big heart that’s in the right place.  I know you are going to do so many wonderful things and help so many people.  I am forever grateful to be one of them.  Thank you!



New Smyrna Beach, FL

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