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Auto Accidents


Being in an automobile accident can be one of the most terrifying and overwhelming experiences a person lives through.  One moment everything may seem fine, the next moment you are involved in a serious collision.  Many people who survive automobile accidents must deal with both physical and emotional damages following their accident, and treating these injuries can be a difficult process.


While no one ever wants to be in a collision, it is important to know how to proceed with treating your injuries should you ever be involved in one.  Visiting an evidence-based Chiropractor is always one of the first things you should do, as we  specialize in treating many of the most common automobile accident-related injuries that occur. 


Whiplash/cervical strain/sprain types of injuries, headaches/migraines, as well as disc injuries to both the cervical spine and lumbar spine, are extremely common after even low speed collisions.  In fact the research shows that there is no correlation to vehicle damage and the extent of injuries!  "Property damage is neither a valid predictor of acute injury risk nor of symptom duration." (Croft, Freeman; Medical Science Monitor, October 2005)



Often times people experience no pain immediately after a collision, due to the release of adrenaline.  Usually within 2-3 days they feel stiff, their muscles ache, they feel pain and can barely move.  If left untreated, injuries sustained after a collision can lead to additional serious health issues down the road.


In the state of Florida if you have auto insurance you mandatorily have PIP (Personal Injury Protection) coverage- which basically means you have health care coverage no matter what.  (as long as you see a provider within 2 weeks of the accident)


We have helped numerous people after their accidents and pride ourselves on helping you heal as fast as possible. 


We accept all Florida-based auto insurance.


If you have been in a collision give us a call right away and we will get you feeling better ASAP!



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