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Fee Structure



New Patient Exam and Treatment:

Orthopedic: $165 (60m) ***

Functional Medicine: $200 (75m) ***

Follow-Up Office Visit: $80 (up to 45m) ***

FAR Infrared Sauna (open to the public): (1) 30m session/$15, (10) 30m sessions $100


Services Included (as necessary/applicable):

lab analysis/functional medicine

diagnostic imaging review

chiropractic adjusting/joint manipulation
non surgical spinal decompression

soft tissue therapy (myofascial release, cupping, Graston/IASTM, trigger point, etc)

electrotherapy (pre-mod, Russian stim, microcurrent, interferential current, high-volt)

class IV deep tissue laser

rehabilitation/therapeutic exercise


nutritional consultations
bone density scan

Rapid results and patient satisfaction are the number 1 goals.  Your issue will be corrected, you will learn the secret to self manage/treat your condition, and you will be discharged as quickly as possible. 

You will be empowered and educated about your condition(s), and ultimately save time and money in the future by reducing your number of doctor's visits.


*Superbills for self-submitting to insurance available upon request

**All visits are 1 on 1

***Discounted rates for military & first responders

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