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What Is IASTM?

Above is an excellent video explaining myofascial release/Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Moblization (IASTM). Watch it!

Synopsis: between your skin and muscles is a thin layer of tissue called fascia. It's job is to help anchor tissue (muscle) to other structures and any damage to this fascia can lead to adhesions/restrictions that can prevent the muscle from functioning at 100%. These restrictions can cause decreased range of motion, pain, decreased function, and even affect the brain on a neurological level and change motor patterning/muscle firing patterns.

I am Graston Technique certified, and use IASTM all the time with patients (and myself) and get great results. If you feel like you're movement is limited, your performance is not what it used to be, or you're not sure why you hurt, fascial restrictions may be a cause. Give us a call today and get checked out!

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