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ADHD is NOT a Ritalin Deficiency!

"According to Novartis Pharmaceutical, the mechanisms of action of Ritalin in man are not fully understood. It is a mild central nervous system stimulant that presumably activates the areas of the brain to produce a stimulant like effect (much like cocaine). So what the pharmaceutical company is saying is that this drug does something to your brain, but we are not entirely sure what, but let us prescribe it in great number to our children and see if it helps. This is some scary stuff. There are other ways to treat ADHD without the potential long term side effects of a drug such as Ritalin."

Often times ADD or ADHD stems from vitamin, mineral, essential fatty acid, neurotransmitter deficiencies or a combination of the above. As is common place in our office, we search for the real underlying cause that has given label to the disease process. Unfortunately, allopathic practitioners often are not trained to assess these values and thus can't deliver an effective treatment. Fortunately for you, I am. We use CLIA certified labs that can assess these imbalances and can formulate a protocol necessary to help reconcile the underlying biochemical dysfunctions that have given rise to what is known as ADD or ADHD.

If this hits home give us a call and let me explain how we might be able to help you or your family member using a Functional Medicine approach.

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