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Chiropractor Services

We specialize in Chiropractic care.

Just like Lance's story, we helped countless people get back to living their best life.


If you are experiencing pain and want to get to the bottom of it, please reach out and speak to one of our Chiropractors, serving Ormond Beach, Daytona Beach, Port Orange and Palm Coast.

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(386) 310-8096

Other Client Testimonials

"As a college student I thought dealing with migraines was something that would haunt me forever.  These monthly occurrences began occurring weekly and then almost daily. Sometimes these migraines would be so excruciating everyday activities such as homework, class, work, noises, lights, and even walking my dog were unbearable. 


Without his chiropractic and nutritional care I cannot imagine what my migraines and headaches would be like.  Migraines have become a thing of the past for me and I cannot say I miss them.  Dr. V not only has treated and fixed my migraine problem, but has helped alleviate other aches in my back and knee. I am forever in his debt as he has made my life a lot more comfortable and I now can experience life at its fullest with less aches and pains and no headaches."


- Amber M. Daytona, FL


"Dr. V has helped me since 2010.  I was coming off of a year filled with pain due to 2 herniated discs and was fresh out of surgery.  I linked up with my old college friend, Dr. V, who helped me get back to doing what I loved- being a functional athlete.  My surgeons told me I shouldn't lift weights or do anything too "stressful" on my back (IE basketball, flag football, long distance running).  Dr. V helped me throughout my rehabilitation by guiding me through the process I needed to take towards getting back to my old self."


- Vincent Fiore


Call us to talk with a Chiropractor

(386) 310-8096

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