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Ormond Beach Chiropractor

Want non-surgical pain relief FAST?  CALL TODAY!

Our purpose at Aligned Integrative Healthcare is to provide the most comprehensive and advanced healthcare possible.  We want to see you get back to doing the things you love to do.  Period.  That's why a systematic, science-driven, evidence-based, patient-centered approach is employed to go beyond symptom reduction and get to the primary cause of disease or biomechanical dysfunction.  Your body is an integrated system.  Every cell, tissue, organ, muscle, and joint is interrelated in the way they influence the central nervous system, which is the ultimate deciding factor regarding the progression of pain, disease, gene expression, and overall health.


I understand the frustration of being bounced around from specialist to specialist, or lab to lab, without getting answers or resolution to problems.  I broke my back when I was 17 and lived in chronic pain for around 8 years.  Dealt with the depression, anger, oxycontin and all that chronic pain has to offer (including relatively poor medical treatment).  I also almost died in December of 2014 in a motorcycle accident, where I had my head and pelvis run over- I'm no stranger to pain and often times can empathize with people, as well as help overcome it.  These are some of the reasons why I have committed myself to intensive postgraduate studies to help me help YOU.  Simultaneously, I strive to provide exemplary service in a warm, caring environment.  I have found this type of integrative model translates to better patient outcomes and a much higher rate of clinical success.  Basically let's get you better as quick as possible, so you can spend less time in my office and more time doing what you want to do.  Make an appointment today and experience what true 1-on-1, patient-centered healthcare is.  What are you waiting for?



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